An act of kindness remembered

It was Day 58 of being at home during the pandemic. I’m pretty comfortable, nothing to complain about. My family is well. I’m beginning to be affected in our friend circles (a dear lady in Kansas has it) but close to home, we are all OK.

I’m working from home, and I’m pretty selective what I read concerning the pandemic. I’m reading and watching coverage of doctors and scientists working on the virus. NOT watching the president’s press conferences, that’s for sure. Still, things can seem pretty distant when you self-isolate.

A lady from one street over in my subdivision stopped by to thank me for sending her a card and a box of Girl Scout cookies last year. Her husband had recently had a stroke and I put this little gift in her mailbox when she wasn’t home. I hadn’t talked to her since then but I know she got the gift.

In return, she stopped by and handed me a pretty pink sparkly bag. Inside was a little jar filled with dozens of folded pieces of purple paper.

I opened the jar and took out a piece of paper. I unfolded it.

It was a Bible verse. With my name in them. Dozens of personalized Scripture, telling me God’s promises for me. My jar dropped.

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I remember giving the gift, but I never the knew the impact it made. In the enclosed note, she wrote: “At the time … I operated in a daze, completely clueless of the challenges before me. Your card provided encouragement and hope, then, as well as now.”

I had no idea. We never do, when we perform an act of kindness, or, as I call it, be the hands and feet of God. But she received it. She received the blessing in the box of cookies.

I will open one of these scriptures every day, to be reminded of the promised He has for me. And I’ll share them with you. Over on my Instagram I’ll post one everyday. I’m not sure how many are in the jar. But I’ll post til we run out.

In this era of Covid-19 it’s important that we be reminded of what God said he would give us.

Lord, I’m listening, and remembering.

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