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Hi, I’m Yvette.

I felt like life was empty, even though I was a believer, until I learned that the joy I was seeking wasn’t a feeling, but faith. That’s why I speak and write to help others seek spiritual over physical joy.

I believed in God, but I felt numb in my faith! Is that you? I’d been walking around for years believing in God, but with a dead, dusty heart. But now I’m blowing the dust out of this temple, awakening to his joy and mercies.

I was in an unhappy marriage and not walking that out with the Lord. I was uncomfortable being faith-filled at work. I was unfulfilled in general, and not sure why. Does this sound like you? After hearing God’s calling, I started POSITIVELY JOY as a podcast and ministry about the struggle for us to walk in our joy. On the podcastand in our blog, we study the Bible, look for God in the commonplace, and find joy in the details.

Edgy Christian Fiction: ‘Sixty’

Christian reporter Linda Radcliffe returns to the scene of her first big story, a serial killer. She wrestles with perfection, imposter syndrome, and finding romance. Back in Elmar, Okla., she finds an old love and mystery. Get the e-book, and COMING SOON, the paperback! Sometimes Christian books like my novel, “Sixty,” depict intense situations. However, as long as they don’t glamorize sin, there is nothing wrong with depicting these situations.

Six-month journal to help you find joy

From the founder of Positively Joy Ministries comes a journal that can help you discover what brings real joy by journaling everyday and creating a yearlong record of memories worth collecting.

How do you find joy, even in difficult times? By choosing to see it every moment. In this journal, you’ll look for it every day and record what you see and experience. Maybe you’ll experience it in a rainbow, or a song, or in the sound of laughter. Choose joy on days where nothing seems to go right, and spread that joy to others.

Devotional series

What’s keeping you from flourishing and living in the joy that God has for you and your family? Do you talk to God? In this award-winning book, and the companion study guide, follow prayers and exercises as you enter into conversation with the Lord.


JOY is about choice and making a way. GOD’S WAY. In my FREE booklet and Scripture journal, “Bigger Better Faith: 5 Ways to Choose Joy & Find Time To Talk To God Every Day,” I help you create time and space to do just that.

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Birth of Christ devotional

Mary said yes. Just. One. Yes. But still she wondered. She had questions. Just think, a young girl, betrothed, untouched — and now, pregnant? What must she be thinking? “How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?” This 7-day devotional takes the reader through the first two chapters of the Gospel of Luke, and through the Christmas story from the announcement to the angels proclaiming “Glory to God!”

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Hello and Welcome!

Positively Joy is a multicultural, multiethnic podcast for Christian women that takes a look at the search for joy and light in all seasons of life. Join us and become chain breakers in grief and the inability to find joy in your life.

God loves you!

God loves you so much! And He wants so much happiness for you. Jesus said, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” — John 15:11 NIV . New episodes weekly!

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“Good conversation with Teresa! Love her and am glad she is able to share her story. I am proud of both of you sharing your gifts with the world! Blessings!”



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“I look forward to each episode and each conversation focused on finding joy in everyday life. Treat your heart and soul with this podcast as often as you can.”

“Wheat Princess”

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“Look to God’s instructions and teachings.”

Isaiah 8:20, NLT version

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