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Shea Watson on Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus

Mike McDonald of The Bible Project

Mike was one of Positively Joy’s most-watched episodes, so we’re bringing him back to catch up on him, the Bible Project, and podcasting! As Chief Global Focus & Strategic Relationships Officer, Mike works on cultivating awareness and creating strategic relationships with churches, organizations and other non-profits that are looking to use BibleProject Videos in their context. He also leads our Global Focus team which is working on localizing our videos into different languages. He previously spent 11 years leading a global development organization as well as serving on several boards for international organizations with compassion and justice missions. In a previous life, he owned and operated restaurants in Canada and the US, and still loves enjoying a great meal in new cities with his wife, Melissa.

Mary Jo Pierce, Gateway Church intercessor

100th episode anniversary, we bring back Mary Jo Pierce, intercessor and prayer warrior. She was preparing to start her weekend in the Jewish tradition of Sabbath. Mary Jo is Christian but values the Jewish faith and traditions.


Educator Teresa Taylor Williams:

Our first guest returns!

Teresa Taylor Wiilliams is the Diversity Student Programs Director in the Center for Student Involvement at Emporia State University. Teresa was the first guest on the show. She had Covid-19 during a time when most of us didn’t know much about it. She was the first person close to me to have the disease. Teresa wrote a blog called “Praises in the Pandemic.”

Podcaster huddle: David Weaver and Tim Winders

Two podcasters join me to talk about a TV ad that raised a lot of controversy: Jeep’s Super Bowl ad with musician Bruce Springsteen that talked about unity and featured a little church in the middle of the USA. What did you think about the ad? Was it Christian? Patriotic? Offensive? Or just right?