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Shea Watson on Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus

Mike McDonald of The Bible Project

Mike was one of Positively Joy’s most-watched episodes, so we’re bringing him back to catch up on him, the Bible Project, and podcasting! As Chief Global Focus & Strategic Relationships Officer, Mike works on cultivating awareness and creating strategic relationships with churches, organizations and other non-profits that are looking to use BibleProject Videos in their context. He also leads our Global Focus team which is working on localizing our videos into different languages. He previously spent 11 years leading a global development organization as well as serving on several boards for international organizations with compassion and justice missions. In a previous life, he owned and operated restaurants in Canada and the US, and still loves enjoying a great meal in new cities with his wife, Melissa.

Mary Jo Pierce, Gateway Church intercessor

100th episode anniversary, we bring back Mary Jo Pierce, intercessor and prayer warrior. She was preparing to start her weekend in the Jewish tradition of Sabbath. Mary Jo is Christian but values the Jewish faith and traditions.

Victoria Woods, the Financial Diva

Victoria Woods is CEO and Chief Investment Advisor at ChappelWood Financial Services, author of “It’s All About the $Money, Honey!”, TV contributor for the Today Show, Fox News, Fox Business, NBC, CBS, ABC, and founder of The Financial District of Oklahoma, located in Edmond, Oklahoma. As a successful entrepreneur and investor, Woods mixes wit and wisdom as she shares practical, easy-to-understand advice on the world of finance in her book, speaking engagements, radio program, and website.  “It’s All About the $Money, Honey!” is Woods’ first book, written after the requests of business associates, clients, and radio show listeners.  

Elizabeth Bullard of Coffee and Convos with Liz

Elizabeth Bullard, the host of the Coffee and Convos podcast, invited me on her Instagram Live to celebrate our 100th Episode. We talked about the journey, upcoming projects, and some giveaways. Thanks, Liz!

The Archdeacon of Croydon, Rosemarie Mallett

What is the social Gospel and what does it have to do with God and community? The Archdeacon of Croydon of the Church of England, Rosemarie Mallett shares her views, and how she found unexpected joy in serving and leading in God’s plan. The Archdeacon is deeply committed to her flock in south London and to justice for the underprivileged.

Rosemarie has lived in the UK most of her life, after moving here from Barbados as a child. Her post-university career started in Tanzania, East Africa, where she worked as a research assistant, journal editor, and gender and health development sociologist. After a stint at a community development cooperative in north London, she worked in Ethiopia as a gender and community business development consultant. She then moved back to Barbados and worked there as a Research Fellow in gender and development. After 2 years, she returned to the UK to undertake doctoral studies at the University of Warwick (1991 – 1994). This was undertaken at the same time as working as a Research Sociologist for the Medical Research Council, based at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College in south London. Rosemarie was involved in a number of professional groups in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with a focus on Gender, Race, and Caribbean Studies. At one point she chaired the British Sociological Association Black Women’s-s sub-committee, working to establish and chair the BSA Race Forum Committee (now the Race and Ethnicity Group), chairing the Society for Caribbean Studies, and membership of the Warwick Centre for Caribbean Studies and the Centre for Caribbean Medicine at Kings College London.

Alongside her professional career, Rosemarie has been deeply involved in community gender, race, and mental health social justice movements. Rosemarie has been equally committed to understanding how the social gospel could be woven into her work in the public square. This led to the discernment of a call to ministry, and after training Rosemarie was ordained as a clergy person in the Church of England in 2004. For 13 years, she served as the vicar of an inner-city church in south London, and as chair of the board of governors of the local church school. For the last 5 years of that time, she also served as the Director of the Department of Justice, Peace & the Integrity of Creation in the Diocese of Southwark. Since March 2020, she has served as the Archdeacon of Croydon.

Rosemarie is a Fellow of the Westminster Abbey Institute and is a recipient of the Barbados Jubilee Award. Rosemarie served as an Equalities Commissioner for the borough of Lambeth and has been named as one of the Evening Standard’s Progress 1000 most influential Londoners and a Southbank Institute Changemaker.

Author and Masterclass leader Leah Forney

Leah Forney is a native of Queens, New York who is currently residing in Maryland. She learned early on the importance of having a relationship with Jesus Christ from her maternal grandmother who raised her in the church. As she continues to accept the calling that God has placed on her life, Leah is open to seeing where her gifts and talents will take her. She has released seven books over the last 4 years. She is the podcast host of Hey Queen, Thrive! She has been blessed to be featured on 47 different media publications including but not limited to internationally streamed Decide to move Podcast and The CEO Wife Experience podcast.

You can follow Leah on many social media sites.: Facebook: Leah M. Forney, Instagram: Iamleahmichelle, Linkedin: Leah Forney, and Twitter: Leah Forney Podcast

The Reverend William Miller

Father Bill Miller and his beloved dog, Nawiliwili Nelson (Wili for short), went on a journey to celebrate the end of Wili’s life. “The Last Howlelujah — Tails from the Trail” raised money for local animal shelters, shared stories of Wili’s greatness, and Bill and Wili had fun along the way. Father Bill believes when you are in communion with a dog, you see a glint of God’s love. Like Bill says, God, and dog, is love. The Book is available at Amazon and many other booksellers.

He also is the author of The Gospel According to Sam: Animal Stories for the Soul (Seabury: New York).  His sermons and speeches are favorites with conventions, churches and organizations across the country and in Europe. Miller recently released The Beer Drinker’s Guide to God: The Whole and Holy Truth about Lager, Loving and Living (Howard Books/Simon and Schuster: New York). His facebook author’s page can be found at:

William Broyles Jr., a former editor of Newsweek, and the Academy-Award nominated screenwriter of Apollo 13, The Polar Express and Cast Away, said, “William Miller is a magician with language. His stories are beautifully written. They’re parables, gateways into the deep mysteries of life, love, and death. They find great joy in the everyday wonders of life. The simplest things become beautiful and, right before your eyes, divine.”

An avid music lover, Miller founded four jazz festivals and collaborated with musicians to create ten different jazz masses utilizing the music of Coltrane, Ellington, Armstrong and others. His live music venue, Padre’s, opened to rave reviews in the West Texas arts town of Marfa in May 2009.

Father Bill currently resides near New Orleans with his dogs Nawiliwili Nelson and Sinbad.

Educator Teresa Taylor Williams:

Our first guest returns!

Teresa Taylor Wiilliams is the Diversity Student Programs Director in the Center for Student Involvement at Emporia State University. Teresa was the first guest on the show. She had Covid-19 during a time when most of us didn’t know much about it. She was the first person close to me to have the disease. Teresa wrote a blog called “Praises in the Pandemic.”

Podcaster huddle: David Weaver and Tim Winders

Two podcasters join me to talk about a TV ad that raised a lot of controversy: Jeep’s Super Bowl ad with musician Bruce Springsteen that talked about unity and featured a little church in the middle of the USA. What did you think about the ad? Was it Christian? Patriotic? Offensive? Or just right?