Why I draw on the pages of my Bible.

Editor’s note: This blog post originally was dated in 2018. Since then, a lot has happened. I have grown in my Bible journaling life. I have learned lots of tips and techniques. I have fallen into the trap of spending more time on the art than in HIS word. But overall, I have developed aContinue reading “Why I draw on the pages of my Bible.”

An act of kindness remembered

It was Day 58 of being at home during the pandemic. I’m pretty comfortable, nothing to complain about. My family is well. I’m beginning to be affected in our friend circles (a dear lady in Kansas has it) but close to home, we are all OK. I’m working from home, and I’m pretty selective whatContinue reading “An act of kindness remembered”

How does God speak to you?

By Yvette Walker The voice of God. Audibly hearing his voice. Isn’t that what we seek when we pray? We ask for something and we think, “wouldn’t it be nice if God just said, ‘Sure, I can get that for you,’ or ‘I’ll make it happen right away.’ ” But he doesn’t. That’s not howContinue reading “How does God speak to you?”