I was on a show about cats!

Note: So, this show is not really spiritual in nature, but “Cool and Crazy Cats” is hosted by the daughter of a great lady I met at Podfest Global.

I have two cats, Jade and Gato. Rudy died several years ago, but he is still loved. I guess that is why I appeared on a kids’ podcast recently. Cool and Crazy Cats with Liani Ragade is a show about cats hosted by an 11-year-old girl who is a cat lover herself.

My episode title is: “Interview with a cat-loving expert #2.” It was a lot of fun and Liani is a great interviewer. She describes her show this way:

“Cool and Crazy Cats is a podcast about cats. Liani features interesting and fun topics such as cat breeds, how to care for your cat, and many more cat-related things. If you are a cat lover or want to be one this podcast is for you!”

I always say I learn from others, where they are guests on my podcast, Positively Joy, or from me being on others’s shows. Liani’s show is a rapid Q and A. She asked me for some tips on cats. I gave four:

  1. Adopt cats from shelters
  2. Spay and neuter your cats
  3. Give them lots of love and food
  4. Clean their litter box

So in that fashion, here is what I learned from her:

  1. Liani, as young as she is, is a great interviewer and podcaster.
  2. Apparently, cats pee on clothes a lot
  3. She takes her cats to the “furcutter” to be groomed
  4. She loves her cats.

Thanks, Liani, for having me on your show!

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