What person, place, or thing brings YOU joy?

I wanted to cap off a special couple of weeks — my 100th episode and International Podcast Day — and make something special that you are a part of. So I asked you to tell me what brings you joy and you did so today I want to feature seven amazing people who answered that question. Now, before I do that, let me tell you what brings me joy. It’s the ability of doing this, talking to you about the real true joy of the Lord every week on this podcast. I love doing this so much and I appreciate all of you who listen. So thank you so much. Our voices today will be in order, the following media, moguls, podcasters, and students of the Bible, Paula Lorraine editor in chief of Brilliant awakening magazine, Lori Morrison of the Unlovely Truth podcast, Kim Stewart of Kim Stewart Marketing and host of the Book Marketing Mania podcast, Brittany Boatman of the Trust Falls and High Kicks podcast, Liz Bullard of the Coffee and Convos with Liz podcast, Nii of the Amazing Grace podcast and James Early of the Bible speaks to You podcast.

Thanks again for sharing. What brings you joy?

Paula Lorraine, Editor of Brilliant Awakening Magazine:

For me being in nature brings me intense joy. Anytime I am out amongst, you know, the the beauty of God, I am just in such a happy, happy, joyful place. So that is the thing that brings me joy. My children and my grandchildren bring me intense joy. You know, they are the light of my life. They are something that keeps me just anchored and feeling like I have purpose. So yeah, those are the two things that bring me joy. Thanks for allowing me to share,

Lori Morrison, host of the Unlovely Truth podcast:

Watching people use their God-given gifts to help others brings me joy.

Kim Stewart of Kim Stewart Marketing and host of the Book Marketing Mania podcast:

I wanted to let you know, I get the most joy out of seeing my oldest son, Heath, who has autism wake up with a smile on his face every day, no matter the struggles that autism brings into his life. And there are lots. So that definitely brings me lots of joy on a daily basis.

Brittany Boatman, host of the Trust Falls and High Kicks podcast:

What brings me joy is being an aunt. I love aunting. I would be a full-time stay-at-home if I could. I am a twin. And so my twin sister had a boy and a girl. And so I get to have two babies that look just like me without having to do a lot of the hard parent work. I get to love Jesus in front of them and have wonderful, so much joyous fun with them, but also have really deep conversations and be that person who will be there for them when maybe it’s hard to talk to their parents, you know. I love being an aunt. It’s you to me.

Liz Bullard, host of the Coffee and Convos with Liz podcast:

I love being connected with people that inspired me to grow and to do more in that just have such great positive energy. And so I’m very grateful for you sharing your platform with the world. And I’m very excited for all the many things and extra podcasts you’re going to be doing.

Nii, host of the Amazing Grace podcast:

Well, I’ll say this is how my story goes, I got a 3-year-old daughter, man, and she says the most funniest things. The way she does her face and stuff like that. You know, just moments when do you want to get mad and you just can’t get mad and moments when you just don’t know what to do. Cause she says the most cutest things. And it’s not because she’s my daughter. That’s why I’m saying that. But it was just the joy that she brings. You know, knowing that she generally, I think she cares about me more than I care about myself. You know? Cause even when I’m stressed out from work and I come home, you know, just that joy that she meets you with, you know always brings up a smile on my face. You know, it’s not because she’s being naughty. Sometimes she’s being naughty, but sometimes it was just genuine, you know, welcoming to you, you know? And that why, I always tell people, man, I love this girl so much. And she brings out the joy in you, you know, cause this has smile and her looks and everything again, it’s not because she’s my daughter, but I think she’s cool.

James Early, host of The Bible Speaks to You podcast:

What makes me joyful? Well, it’s usually the little things — like holding my wife’s hand when we’re on a walk in the woods. Or hearing from my kids and just their tone of voice and their delight to talk to me. Sometimes it’s seeing the sunshine glint off of the trees or backlit on the flowers. There’s just a special joy in that. Something else that brings joy to me is when I’m able to help someone else rediscover the fact that God loves them; rediscover their own self-worth and help them learn to love themselves. I think sometimes we’re so busy doing things for others that we don’t realize we need to take care of ourselves. And so when I can help somebody else learn to love themselves and be good to themselves that brings me a special joy. Thanks again for letting me participate in this wonderful episode.


Thanks again to everyone who shared what brings them joy. It’s so important to recognize that, but as you know, what’s most important is to recognize what the true joy is and that’s the joy of the Lord. And we all can appreciate that.

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