Celebrating International Podcast Day: ‘What brings you joy?’

Season 3, Episode 21: Hello, and thanks for stopping by! It’s a special day today. It’s Sept. 30, International Podcast Day. And as many of you know, it’s also the week after I published my 100th episode. I’ve been celebrating all last week and this week. And I wanted to make something special, and I wanted you to be a part of it. So I asked you to tell me what brings you Joy?

Today I want to feature 7 amazing people who answered that question. Before I do that, let me tell you what brings me joy. It’s the ability of doing this. Talking to you about the real, true joy of the Lord, every week on this podcast. I love doing this and I appreciate all of you who listen.

Our voices today will be, in order, the following media moguls, podcasters, and students of the Bible:

  • Paula Lorraine, Editor-in-Chief, of Brilliant Awakening Magazine
  • Lori Morrison of the Unlovely Truth podcast
  • Kim Stewart of Kim Stewart marketing and host of the Book Marketing Mania podcast
  • Brittany Boatman of the Trust Falls and High Kicks Podcast
  • Liz Bullard of the Coffee and Convos with Liz Podcast
  • Nii of the Amazing Grace podcast
  • James Early of the Bible Speaks to You podcast

Thanks again for sharing what brings you joy.

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