The mother of Bible journaling, Shanna Noel speaks out on finding joy!

Shanna Noel is the founder of the Bible journaling company, Illustrated Faith. Shanna talks all about what Bible journaling is and how we can grow closer to God through this relatively new art form. She has grown her company in 5 short years and has tens of thousands of fans through social media.

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Shanna’s ability to help Christians delve into God’s Word and illustrate it has caused more people to spend time in their Bible than ever before. Below is an example of Bible journaling: a page I created from the book of 1 Peter in the New Testament. The Lord  remains forever, and that is why we celebrate Him through illustrating His Word!

Also last July, Shanna is participating in the  Instagram #passthebrush challenge where black and white designers work together to bring more attention to minority artists.

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