About Yvette

Hello! I’m Yvette Babs Walker, media literacy expert, educator, podcaster and a Christian (not in that order).

Yvette Walker is an award-winning journalist and educator. She is a writer, blogger and lyricist of Christian songs. Her venture into podcasting came through a yearning to share God with others through the creative gifts He gave her. In search of deeper expression, she went to Christian music artist Rita Springer’s DIVE camp, and through that creative process, much was born. Yvette journals in her Bible and serves in various roles at Victory Family Church in Norman, Oklahoma. She married to a Godly man named Tim, and they have three fur-kids: a black Laborador retriever named Lemon, a Maine Coon cat named Gato and a Charcoal tabby with green eyes named Jade.


Find your joy!


While joy is something we can choose, it’s not something we muster up in our own power. Instead, it’s found in Christ, a message Yvette shares over and over. — kcfriday 

Asking the right questions


Yvette, aside from one of the most enjoyable podcast voices, has the unique gift of asking the right questions! She puts herself in the place of the listener and thus solicits unplanned but timely conversation! — mjpierce



In a world that draws attention to bad news, it’s so refreshing to focus on the positive. — Davis Family

Awesome podcast!


I love Yvette’s take on finding joy every day! She is so professional sounding and easy to listen to! Her episodes are diverse, so there is always something new to learn when I listen. As a fellow podcaster, Yvette’s show is an encouragement to me. I highly recommend listening and sharing with all your friends. — refinedbyfire84

Need joy? You are in the right place!


Do you need Joy? Then you have come to the right place. Yvette is filled with joy and shares encouragement along with a variety of delightful guests! — mistyphillp

Positively inspiring


Yvette, I am so proud of you and your community of Joy that you are building! You are the perfect person for this task. I pray for your success daily. — high asphalt

Let’s enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus, together.