Amanda Jenkins, ’The Chosen’ and Sam Smith’s Grammy performance

It’s a two-fer on the show today! Stay tuned to hear Amanda Jenkins talk about her life and the hit TV show about Jesus, “The Chosen,” which has just wrapped up season 3. And then listen to the Rev. Leah Schade speak about Sam Smith’s provocative performance on the Grammys, and how entertainment uses the imagery of evil to sell.

  • Amanda Jenkins is the wife of Dallas Jenkins, creator of the Chosen. But Amanda is an important part of the show in her own right. She talks about her contributions, and her important faith walk that helped her and Dallas say YES to this amazing gift from God, The Chosen.
  • The Rev. Leah Schade and I post an occasional series on entertainment and faith. We’ve talked about evil onscreen in the past. But the 2023 Grammy put the devil on full display on broadcast TV. Is this the latest Lil Nas X?

“The Chosen”: Watch the TV show about the life of Jesus

“UnHoly”: (watch a clip of the Grammy performance for yourself)

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