Do you know your story, and does it serve God’s purpose?

Do you know your own story? Your own testimony? I didn’t, until recently.
And now, this is what I do know:
If you can’t tell your story, you can’t understand God’s purpose for you.
Just a few years ago, I was a successful professional woman. On the outside. I appeared to thrive and survive working in a crazy media world.
But on the inside, I was lifeless. I’d been walking around for years believing in God, but with a dead, dusty heart. I really didn’t know how to reach up to the heavens and call His name.
Does this sound like you?
After hearing God’s calling, I started POSITIVELY JOY as a podcast and ministry about the struggle for us to walk in our joy. It was hard for me to figure out who I was and what God has planned for me because I didn’t have what some refer to as a God-changing life event.
Instead, I think I was more like the prodigal’s brother — or sister. Numb to the experiences God was calling me to. Prideful and envious of others. Even in my success! Nothing satisfied me.
But now I realize that I was looking for comfort, not contentment. That is what Isaiah is talking about in this month’s scripture verse.

I, God, will comfort Zion,

comfort all her mounds of ruins.

I’ll transform her dead ground into Eden,

her moonscape into the garden of God,

A place filled with exuberance and laughter,

thankful voices and melodic songs.

Isaiah 51:3 MSG

When I reach for God’s comfort, I receive all that I need, and nothing that I don’t. God transformed my dead ground into Eden. I want to be in a place filled with “exuberance and laughter, thankful voices and melodic songs” and I bet you do, too.
Below is artwork of the same passage, this time from the Holman Christian Standard Bible.

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