S.2 Ep.15 Part III of Jesus Christ gave “pep talks” – with Angel McCoy

Welcome friends! I began a three-part lesson on Jesus as a leader, beginning with the idea that like all leaders, Jesus knew how to speak to his followers, especially his inner circle, his apostles. Call it a “pep talk” if you will.

In part one, we talked about the Sermon on the Mount, aka The Beatitudes. In part two, we looked at two of his parables, the Prodigal Son, which is really more about the Heart of the Father than the Son,  and the Sower and the Seed, which dealt with spreading the message.

Today, I want to end this series with Jesus during Passion Week on the Mount of Olives, with the 12 apostles. This was the last “pep talk” Jesus would give to the apostles. You might not think of this as a pep talk, knowing what was about to happen to Jesus. But like a good leader, he needed to prepare his team for what was to come.

And, our regular reader, Angel McCoy of Angel Reads the Bible podcast, reads further into his Mount of Olives talk in the Gospel of Matthew.

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