S.2 Ep.12 After the loss of her son, Elizabeth Meyers remains ‘Undefeated’

We end October, which is Infant Loss Month, with Elizabeth Meyers, who is a Christian author, blogger, and speaker. She is passionate about sharing truths in a way that people can understand. Her story and testimony is moving. Her son died several years ago, and she suffered from depression and anxiety, but found God’s strength in the midst of life’s struggles. She is offering a free book to our listeners. It’s called UNDEFEATED: From Trial to Triumph.

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One thought on “S.2 Ep.12 After the loss of her son, Elizabeth Meyers remains ‘Undefeated’

  1. Hi Elizabeth We met at AAL last month. I am trying to donate to the Horse Ranch HOPE ministry. It sounds amazing, but the donate button is frozen in the shaded mode where you can’t activate it? Hmm let me know where to support this ministry. Also we had chatted briefly about your podcast. Do you have an application process? Thank you, in HIM, Coni Knepper from Tanzania

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