Women’s manifesto is all about being loved in Christ

Season 3, Episode 17: She spells it Be[Loved], but Pamela Henkelman shares how we are all beloved in Christ. The author and speaker wrote a manifesto for women noting how God thinks about us. But, as Pamela notes, women often have difficulty truly connecting with God. “I find that most  Christian women love doing things for God, but they’re not so good at being with God.” Pamela says this: “Everyday I meet women who are lost and filled with shame as they face this transition of parenting adult kids. We surrounded with support when our children are young, but the world goes quiet as as our offspring reach adulthood. If our adult children aren’t thriving, we blame ourselves and can get trapped in regret. Perhaps our children are prospering but we still have expectations to release and we need learn the art of letting go?” Pamela’s website: https://www.pamelahenkelman.com/ Women’s Manifesto: https://www.pamelahenkelman.com/blog/how-to-feel-secure “Draw Near Beloved” Course: https://www.pamelahenkelman.com/draw-near-beloved
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