Read in the New Year through the Positively Joy book club!

Welcome to 5-minute  Mondays. Where  I share some encouragement, motivation and honesty in just five minutes! Today I want to talk about self-improvement through reading.

As I listened to God in 2020 command me to begin this ministry, I didn’t know what it would look like or what I would do. I never doubted his command or his Word, but like Moses, I did worry that I would not have the words to do it. I am not a Bible scholar or a minister. I had no training in religion, divinity or theology.

But he said to do it, and I said, “Yes, Lord.” I’m a journalist and educator by profession, and what I do know how to do is research. 

That’s right, I’m starting the Positively Joy Book Club! If you’d like to read along with me, I’ll list the books I choose in the show notes. We’ll start with one book a month.

My first entry in the log? it will be “Contact with God: The Amazing Power of Prayer” by Jeanne Wilkerson. Come along with me and start your own reading log. Let’s gain the wisdom we need this year to share God’s word! Get the book new or used through the link below. 

Contact With God: The Amazing Power of Prayer

(I am an Amazon Associate and this is an affiliate link.)

My books:

Whispering in His Ear: A Month of Joyful Conversations with God

Hair Goddess: A Kinky Curly Wavy Straight Anthology.

2 thoughts on “Read in the New Year through the Positively Joy book club!

  1. Would love you to consider my book which is full of hope and encouragement! My life story with all glory to God! “Rainbow in the Night: A Journey of Redemption.”
    Jane “Goldie” Winn

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