Dallas Jenkins of ‘The Chosen’ understands failure, doubt and what joy really is

Season 3, Episode 3: Dallas Jenkins has created a different kind of series about Jesus. And, Jenkins said, he’s “obsessed” with making the experience authentic and intimate for viewers. I spoke to Dallas at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Texas. We had a great conversation but the audio was noisy, being on the conference floor. Still, his message is important and worth listening.

And, when he talked about JOY he was really speaking my language!

Key takeaways:

  • Dallas made “The Chosen” after coming off a failed movie project
  • He openly talks about sin
  • He intentionally made the series cast diverse, especially in the portrayal of women.
  • He said there is a difference between joy and happiness. “Joy is eternal.”
  • He tries to keep the show Biblically accurate while creating an interesting story.

“I don’t want people to glorify the show to the point where they think this is a replacement for the Bible,” Jenkins said. “I’m saying from the beginning, that the show is not God’s word. Jonathan (Roumie), who plays Jesus is not Jesus. I’m not the creator of the universe. I’m a broken, flawed man … who’s trying to do my best to capture the character and intentions of Jesus in the Gospels.”

Read the Oklahoma and NewsOK.com on Saturday, July 3 for the print edition of this podcast.

 “The Chosen” series uses a multiethnic and women-inclusive cast to portray the life of Jesus Christ. From left: Mary Magdalene (Elizabeth Tabish), Ramah (Yasmine Al-Bustami), Tamar (Amber Shana Williams), Mother Mary (Vanessa Benavente), and Jesus (Jonathan Roumie).

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