Bigger Better BOOK CLUB!


(We are bringing this back for 2024!)

I’m so glad you are here! In 2024 we will read one Christian nonfiction book per month (don’t worry if you get behind!)

Why a book club? Well, if I’m honest, I want to spend more time reading this year, and why not encourage you to come along for the ride? I have 12 great books planned for us, and there might even be a 13th if something comes out that we can’t resist. And yes, one of the books will be my own devotional. When we get to that one I’ll mark down the price to a very affordable purchase.

We will spend the last week of every month discussing the books and I’ll feature the book on that Monday’s podcast. (See the calendar at the end of this page.)

So, you’re probably saying, “get to the books, already!” Ha! All right, All right! I have selected these 12 books — some new, some old — based on advice from my spiritual mentors and books that are fun but wise. (See finalists — Books that are great but didn’t make it this year — at the end of the list.)

Here we go!

Yvette Walker, host of the Positively Joy Podcast

  • JANUARY (topic: Prayer) “Contact with God” by Jeanne Wilkerson: “Make a Connection That Will Change the World. Does God seem distant to you? Does it seem like your prayers are hitting the ceiling and bouncing right back? Do you desire to learn to pray effectively? Practical in nature, Jeanne presents captivating examples and astonishing stories of how prayer alters real-life events.

  • FEBRUARY (topic: Farm life lessons) “The Growing Season” by Sarah Philpott: (So much charm! –YW) “Sarah gives wisdom on everything from the soil to Your soul. Farm life calls to the heart of every Christian, whether we experience it on daily walks through wide open spaces or in the country music we play while stuck in morning traffic. This is by God’s design—the cycle of trusting, sowing, and reaping mirrors our journey with Him. With The Growing Season, you’ll witness how intricately farming and faith intertwine. Illuminated through the Bible’s truths and author Sarah Philpott’s own stories from life on a Tennessee cattle ranch, you’ll venture month by month and season by season towards relishing the splendor of God’s creation, realizing the need for you to trust Him in good times and bad, and rejoicing in the vision of abundance He has for you.”

  • MARCH (topic: Life lessons) “Funny How Life Works” by Michael Jr.: (This is a funny, breezy read! — YW) ” ‘Funny How Life Works’ is a behind-the-scenes look at the life and career of comedian Michael Jr. Infused with the same laugh-out-loud humor and practical wisdom that define his stand-up acts, Michael Jr. proposes that life is more similar to comedy than we know. Rather than assuming that our days are random and obstacles are unfortunate, Michael Jr. encourages readers to strategically embrace each life event as part of a setup, leading to their punchline.”

  • APRIL (topic: Christian living)Ten Steps Towards Christ by Jimmy Evans: (I selected this for this Easter month because of its focus on Christ. — YW) “I’ve accepted Christ—now how do I live as a Christian? Practices in the church are confusing, the Bible seems overwhelming, prayer is a mystery, and I still have problems in my life. What do I do now? With these down-to-earth principles, Jimmy Evans gives you a map to navigate your new life. He explains how to:
    • Connect with God
    • Relate to other Christians
    • See the Bible as relevant
    • Decode the meaning of church practices
    • Find freedom from past hurts”

  • MAY (topic: Identity as a daughter of God) “Finding Eve” by Rita Springer: (I fell in love with this book and with the author, a Contemporary Christian musician. — YW)” ‘Finding Eve’ follows Eve’s journey to find her way back to God’s heart and to discover her true identity as a daughter of God. In Genesis 3 the serpent came to Eve and within moments caused her to think she was lacking something. When she looked at the forbidden tree, she saw that it was pleasant to the eyes, good for food, and had the power to make one wise. Although she already possessed beauty, provision, and an intimate relationship with God, she thought she needed more. So she ate the fruit and lost the comfort and security of the garden because she doubted God. Many women today are falling into the same trap. This book is designed to encourage women who may be facing disappointment, the fallout from bad choices, or the pain of unfilled dreams. It will offer hope and equip them to be all they were intended to be in the kingdom of God.”

  • JUNE (topic: Prayer devotional) Whispering In His Ear by Yvette Walker: “We talk to God. Sometimes. But we really don’t expect a response. Neither do we look for him in everyday situations. Yvette does, and she tells of her simple but poignant life lessons with God in the car, at home, at church, and even going to the post office! This book of devotions allows you to look at your assumptions and spend time with God with scripture in three popular translations (ESV, NIV and the NBLA in Spanish). Follow prayers and exercises to still yourself and come into His presence as you enter into conversation with the Lord. Yvette Walker’s testimony drives this book: that you can be a believer all your life without fully understanding the joy that comes from the Father is the very joy that completes you.” FREE COMPANION STUDY GUIDE FOR BOOK CLUB MEMBERS!

  • JULY (topic: Receiving God’s gift of rest): “Take the Day Off” by Robert Morris: “A constant stream of busyness can slowly wear away at us over time: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Yet believers often forget that taking a day of rest is one of the Ten Commandments! When we don’t give our minds and emotions a break, our will to make good choices can often become compromised. Resting is also important to those around you. If you have a weary soul, you can’t pour yourself into others at home, work, or wherever you are. It’s vital — you must take the day off. Gateway Church Pastor Morris explains why rest is central to your wellbeing, how to do it, and how helpful it can be. You will be inspired to experience true rest and make it a priority in the rhythm of your weekly schedule. Don’t wait and delay God’s blessings in your life. Start implementing the principle of rest in your life and you will see eternal benefits.”

  • AUGUST (topic: Prayer devotional) “Adventures in Prayer” by Mary Jo Pierce: (One of the first books that made a huge impact on my life! — YW) From the former intercessor of prayer for Gateway Church in Dallas, “an adventure in prayer began 40 years ago. It traveled across the globe from closets to prayer chairs, from the steps where Hitler shouted to the door where Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation. Take the journey. Start the adventure.”

  • SEPTEMBER (topic: What we do matters) “A Life God Rewards” by Bruce Wilkinson: “In this little book, you’re going to discover that God’s son Jesus revealed a direct link between what you do today and what you will experience after you die. Astoundingly, the majority of spiritual seekers around the world — including millions who follow Jesus — seem to have missed what He said. Could you be one? If so, your picture of the future is missing about a billion stars. Author Bruce Wilkinson shows you what Jesus said about God’s plan to reward you in eternity for what you do for Him today. What you’ll discover will unlock the mystery of God’s power, plan and will for your life. And you’ll begin to live with the unshakable certainty that what you do today matters … forever!”

  • OCTOBER (topic: Striving through disappointment): “It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way” by Lysa TerKeurst:New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst unveils her heart amid shattering circumstances and shows readers how to live assured when life doesn’t turn out like they expected. What do you do when God’s timing seems questionable, His lack of intervention hurtful, and His promises doubtful? Life often looks so very different than we hoped or expected. Some events may simply catch us off guard for a moment, but others shatter us completely. We feel disappointed and disillusioned, and we quietly start to wonder about the reality of God’s goodness.”

  • NOVEMBER (topic: Trading regrets for possibilities) “If” by Mark Batterson: (Batterson is known for many books including “The Circle Maker,” but this book is so relevant right now. — YW) ” ‘If’ is a powerful little word. Some people are stuck in “if only,” trudging through lives marked with regret. But God wants us to live lives marked with possibilities, with the “what if” attitude that looks forward to the future with confidence. Why? Because the answer to “If God is for us, who can be against us?” is “No one.” God is always on our side. Every day, in every way. With his trademark enthusiasm and contagious joy, Mark Batterson helps readers overcome feelings of guilt, fear, and doubt, because in Christ there is no condemnation. Unpacking the promises of Romans 8, he shows readers that they are more than conquerors–right now and forever. And because of that, the possibilities for their lives are limitless.”

  • DECEMBER (topic: The Gospel of John): Follow Me” by Mary Jo Pierce: (I thought it was fitting to end the year in John, brilliantly presented by Pierce with the Red Letter text. — YW) “Jesus listens to ordinary people. He’s waiting for you. Connecting with Jesus may feel intimidating. You think you don’t know enough to talk face-to-face with Him. Do you rely on a pastor or a church leader—someone more “advanced” in their faith—to be the go-between? You know Jesus loves you, but you aren’t quite sure if He wants to spend time with you. Jesus wants to talk directly with YOU. Right now. Wherever you are. The red-letter words in the book of John are an invitation to start the conversation. Be open and trust Jesus with the real you. Release your burdens and problems. Experience an intimate encounter with Him. Discover that Scripture is personal and relevant. Fall in love with Jesus all over again (or for the first time).”
January 31 online discussion
  • “Contact with God” by Jeanne Wilkerson
  • February 21 online discussion
  • “The Growing Season” by Sarah Philpott
  • March 21 online discussion
  • “Funny How Life Works” by Michael Jr.
  • April 25 online discussion
  • Ten Steps Towards Christ by Jimmy Evans
  • May 26 online discussion
  • “Finding Eve” by Rita Springer
  • June 27 online discussion
  • Whispering In His Ear by Yvette Walker
  • July 25 online discussion
  • “Take the Day Off” by Robert Morris
  • August 29 online discussion
  • “Adventures in Prayer” by Mary Jo Pierce
  • September 26 online discussion
  • “A Life God Rewards” by Bruce Wilkinson
  • October 24 online discussion
  • “It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way” by Lysa TerKeurst
  • November 28 online discussion
  • “If” by Mark Batterson
  • December 26 online discussion
  • Follow Me” by Mary Jo Pierce
  • Finalists

    (Amazing books that we couldn’t quite get to!)

    “Undaunted in Darkness” by Elizabeth Meyers

    “A Different View” by Vona Johnson

    “The Door Series” by Cindy Lafavre Yorks

    “Sacred Rest” by Saundra Dalton Smith (she will be a speaker at the Spark Media Conference in March!)

    The Struggle is Real by Misty Phillip

    “He’s Where the Joy Is” by Tara Leigh Cobble

    “Hope for a Woman’s Heart” by Pam Tebow

    “But God” by Herbert Cooper

    “Divine Disruption: Holding on to Faith When Life Breaks Your Heart” by Tony Evans and family

    When Strivings Cease: Replacing the Gospel of Self-Improvement with the Gospel of Life-Transforming Grace by Ruth Chou Simons

    My copy of “It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way” by Lysa TerKeurst is on it’s way!