Long day’s work. A traffic jam.

Can’t wait to escape like a thief on the lam

But as I come home, I’m feeling centered

When I see what’s waiting just inside the entrance

A reflection of a rainbow through the glass of my front door

It falls so beautifully upon the beat-up wooden floor

And you say I’m not forgotten even though I’m feeling small

And you say the time is right, to be ready it for it all

Get in the groove. God’s about to move.

Well, that rainbow, and its promise

Felt like a skintight harness falling off of me

You undid the straps of shame, unwrapped me of my sin

You’re opening the doors that trapped this child within

You remind me of the promise that you made before

You undid the harness that made me struggle more

Don’t need a heavy yoke to feel connected to you

With love so bright, don’t need blinders to follow you